Ad Types in Google Ads

Google Ads offers different types of campaigns that use different types of ads. What types of campaigns are there and what their features are, we have stated in the previous blog post. In this text, we will explain what types of Google ads exist and where each ad type is displayed.

Google ads connect advertisers with potential customers when they are doing an online activity associated with what the advertiser promotes – for example, they are looking for a product, reading a blog on a particular subject, watching video clips related to the promotion. Choosing the right ad type ensures the best possible advertising results – the right ad, displayed to the right person at the right time.

Where do Google ads appear?
Depending on the type of campaign you create, Google ads can appear on search results in web search engines, on sites that are Google partners or on mobile apps. It all depends on where the advertiser wants his ads to be visible.
Google Ad Types:
* Text ads – the most common type of ad, including headlines, description, link to a website. Displayed on the Google Search Network and sites that are partners to the same.
* Responsive ads – the type of ad that appears in the Display Network, are automatically created according to the layout of the website;

* Shopping ads – besides containing a photo, include the price and product information that allows a potential buyer to get product insight before the ad clicks. Shopping ads appear on the Google Shopping network, Google Search Network, Google Partners, YouTube, and search on images;
* Image ads – appear on Google Display Network sites that are Google Partners.
* Video ads – ads that appear as separate videos or when you start another video (for example, when launching YouTube videos);
* App promotion ads – sending clicks to the app store, the goal is to download the app that is advertised;
* Call Only Ads – Unfortunately they are not available in Croatia. An ad type that lets a potential user click an ad directly to call a company that advertises (from a device that allows phone calls);
* Rich Media Ads – a type of ad that usually includes animations and similar visual and audio effects.

Once we’ve defined ad types, we’ll address the most commonly used Google networks – Google Search and the Google Display Network in the following text.

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