The Google Ads advertising system is under constant change and you must keep up with changes if you care about your clients and professional improvements. In this blog post, we will briefly go over the last month changes announced by Google.

New advertising policies for certain types of medical ads

The new advertising policies apply to unproven or experimental medical techniques such as stem cell and gene therapies, says Google. Such policies with prohibit advertising services that are not scientifically or medical proven. The same will apply to treatments that do not have a sufficient amount of clinical testing to justify their clinical use. While we are aware that medical breakthroughs are just starting out this ways and it takes a while to prove them. Google’s statement:

“We know that important medical discoveries often start as unproven ideas – and we believe that monitored, regulated clinical trials are the most reliable way to test and prove important medical advances. At the same time, we have seen a rise in bad actors attempting to take advantage of individuals by offering untested, deceptive treatments. Often times, these treatments can lead to dangerous health outcomes and we feel they have no place on our platforms.”


The optimization score is now available on the Google Ads mobile apps

The optimization score shows how well you created your campaigns, based Google guidelines. Optimization score is calculated in real time, based on the statistics, settings and status of accounts, campaigns, the relevance of the suggested changes and the recently proposed changes. How useful this score is to advertisers? We will let you evaluate that, but we think it is not that relevant for campaign performance. The fact that the availability of this feature to those who use it will certainly be of help on the mobile devices. 


Store visits have been added as an option with Smart Bidding for Search and Shopping campaigns

This news is sure to delight those who prefer smart bidding options as it introduces the ability to optimize campaigns for visits to the physical location of advertisers, which has not been possible so far.


Google upgraded system recommendations for new keywords

Google Ads system in Recommendation tab, often suggested adding additional keywords that were not relevant and useful to advertising. However, this system has been upgraded and will now only display keywords that will drive more visitors. It remains to be seen whether the relevance of these suggestions will actually increase.


A new look for Call out ads

Call out ads make it easy to call businesses directly through mobile search results. For the sake of better ad quality, Google has made some visual changes – by the way, the name of the business being advertised and the ad title will be directly below the phone number and the call icon will be larger.

Examples of new call out ads:

New call out ads
Call out ads new design

Easier data analysis through Report Editor

Creating reports from your Google Ads account can be time-consuming. Until now, reports could not be opened directly in the browser, but had to be downloaded to a computer. To make this easier, Report Editor now offers the ability to open reports directly in the browser without “leaving” the Google Ads system.


Please note that as of September 30, the Average Ad Position metric is no longer available to show us at what average position the ad appeared compared to other paid ads. Therefore, if an ad had an Average Ad Position – 1, it did not necessarily mean that it appeared at the top of the page and above the organic search results, but above other paid ads.

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