Google Ads Campaign Types

When deciding on launching campaigns in Google Ads, we come to the following question – Which campaign type do you choose?
We will try to explain briefly, how to choose the type of campaign appropriate to a specific business, and of course, your advertising goals.

What types of campaigns are available in Google Ads interface?

Search Campaigns / Search Network – Ads of this type of campaign are displayed in the Google Search results and on the search results of other sites that are Google’s partners. The specific nature of this type of campaign is to show ads to potential customers when they are interested in a product or service.

Campaign Display / Display Network – This type of ads is displayed on all pages in the Google Display / Display Network. They are shown to people who match the targeting you set-based on their interests, past searches, demographics, and so on. This type of campaign is recommended to use, for example, to brand awareness brand.

Search Campaign with Display opt-in / Search Network with Display Option – this campaign is actually a combination of Display and Search Networks just as its name suggests. When creating a search network campaign, you have an “opt-in opt-in” option, allowing ads to appear except for search results, and the relevant locations where display ads otherwise appear. With this kind of campaign, you can expand your potential audience. What we recommend is that you create two special campaigns – display and search engines instead of using a common one with both options. With so many reasons that we can make for it, we only bring you one more important – better reading and analysis of the data obtained.

Video Campaigns – As the name suggests, video promoted videos are launched on YouTube and pages on the Google Display Network.

Shopping campaign – a campaign that, in addition to the description and price of the product, also includes its image. Ads appear on search results, but on Display Network partners like YouTube.

Universal App Campaign / Universal Application Campaign – It serves to promote the Display and Search Network and YouTube applications. Ads and bids are automatically generated to let users download your app as often as possible.
What are the campaign goals?

After selecting a campaign type, it is a line item selection. Your goals are chosen depending on whether users want to make a purchase on the web or enter into the interaction (send mail, fill in the form, contact the subscribers in some way).

Campaign settings
The campaign type determines where the ads will be displayed, but there are a few more settings that, by right-clicking, increase the functionality of each campaign. The campaign-level settings refer to the entire campaign, that is, all ad groups and all ads within the campaign.

Campaign Name – The campaign name is selected when creating it, which makes it easier to find the Google Ads account. Campaign name is not visible to anyone other than the person who manages the campaign, which means it will not show to users.

Campaign type – selects the type of campaign that you want to create. Campaign types we have described and described earlier.

Networks – Whether you want your ads to appear only on Google or on sites that are a partner of Google.

Devices – Select whether your ads will appear on all devices – cell phones, computers, tablets. If all devices are selected, and then they change their mind about it – not a problem. Afterward, it can all be changed and depending on the need to turn off some kind of device.

Location and Language – Selects the geographic area that you want to target and the language. It is recommended to choose the language in which the ads are written.

Bidding and Budget – You are choosing the budget level on a daily basis. In addition, the bidding method that advertisements are participating in the auction is also selected. There are a variety of bidding options we will be writing later on.

Ad Extensions – Adds the extensions we’ve written in one of the previous texts.

Additional settings – Additional settings can be adjusted when your ads are displayed by days or hours. It is possible to determine the start and end dates of the campaign. You can choose to be displayed for example more often per day (by default, your ads are displayed evenly throughout the day). Advanced location option serves better targeting settings. You can change the campaign URL option depending on how your campaign is tracking.

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