Google Ads news – December 2019

2019 is after us, and December is, as always, a turbulent period for advertisers. We hope that the results achieved by all were successful. As for the news regarding Google Ads, December was not as full as the previous months, but three news items were still presented.

Keyword Planner update Рmultiple plans i plan sharing 

Google Keyword Planner, a tool that helps you find keywords to build your campaigns and gives you insight into how much your keywords are searching (based on data from the last twelve months), has introduced a new feature. From early December, it is possible to create, save and share keyword plans directly from Keyword Planner.
For example, if a sports shoe retailer wanted to launch new campaigns for three different products (running shoes, soccer sneakers, and planning shoes) and wanted to research and make keyword plans, he had to create plans, download them, and email them before (each separately). Now, with the newly introduced option, separate plans can be created individually and shared directly with anyone you want without leaving Keyword Planner.


Optimization score is now available for Display campaigns

Optimization score and recommendations is an option by which the Google Ads system proposes changes to advertisers. The changes, which according to Google will improve the performance of campaigns according to Google data, to advertisers who have improved their account-level optimization score by 10, the conversion rate increased by 10%. The optimization score has been available in Shopping since August, and since December last year in Display campaigns, where some new recommendation options have been added, such as suggestions for using targeting expansions, adding responsive display ads, and the like. These options are used for display campaign types.

As with search and shopping campaigns, the optimization score for display campaigns can range from 0% to 100%. Optimization scores for individual campaigns can be seen at the campaign level, while a common optimization score for all campaigns is available at the account level. How much suggestions can contribute to the functioning of campaigns if it is a well-placed campaign from the beginning is left to you to think – but it can certainly serve as a good reminder if you have accidentally forgotten one of the settings.


Explanations – A new option to help you understand your campaign changes

Understanding how a change to a campaign will affect its performance is very important, however, this is not always clear to all advertisers, and can take a long time, especially for those new to the campaign. This option can see the most likely reason to change your impression or click. For example, if the number of impressions dropped sharply in one campaign, instead of exploring the various time-consuming parameters, there is now a click on the “See Explanations” option that will save you time and answer why a particular change occurred. But before using them, it is important to keep in mind the following: – Explanations are currently available for manual CPC or eCPC search campaigns; – Explanations can compare two equal length intervals within the last 90 days; – Explanations will typically be shown for campaigns that have undergone a significant change in performance. Explanations is currently in beta, and in the coming months, announcements are being made to upgrade and improve them.


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