Google Ads news – February 2020.

Improved view of changes at Google Ads campaign and account level

Daily optimization on a Google Ads campaign always has a general goal – improving campaign performance. Besides making some changes, it was also important to track what results were delivered. Modifying a Google Ads campaign without achieving and tracking data and results, to determine if a particular change has resulted in success, makes no sense. All the changes were made to Google Ads accounts and the campaign can be seen in the “change history” section, and so far it has been no less than a hand over-looked. What’s new with Google is the notes that now appear on the charts. This can be done by performing campaigns after the change is made, and novelty can be used to detect a change in function – for example, if clicks suddenly drop and an advertiser is not sure exactly why, and each time it can check the graph in “change history ” clothing and I can see that it will be the result of changes in work function, maybe something that has been changed in the past (like a change in the bid strategy).

Google Ads change history


Easily share remarketing lists through your MCC account

Remarketing is a great feature and everyone knows it already. We believe that you are well educated on what it is and how it works. Remarketing lists (audiences) are crucial in a good remarketing campaign. Remarketing lists could be used across multiple Google Ads (sub) accounts through the MCC account, but this was not the easiest thing to do in the past. Now, Google Ads allows remarketing lists to be shared more easily, as a continuous audience sharing option has been introduced.

Google Ads remarketing lists

In the coming months, the option to share remarketing lists created in individual Google Ads (sub) accounts will be shared within your MCC account as well.


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