Google Ads news – May 2020.

May brought us just three news from the world of Google Ads advertising.

Hotel ads – update due to COVID -19

Due to the situation with COVID-19, Google has decided to help advertisers who use hotel ads by introducing a program called commission per stay. In particular, the commission would only apply if the person stays in the hotel, and the bids for hotel ads will be automatically adjusted to increase the value of the reservation. This program is now available globally. In the next few weeks, the introduction of the Free Cancellation filter is announced, which will help users see which accommodation is eligible for a refund.


A better understanding of Search and Shopping ads using retail category reports

We’ve already written about the difference between a search and shopping campaign and the basics, but campaign reports are a bit different. The new report is a “report in the retail category”. What is it now? This is a report that shows ad performance for predefined product categories in search and shopping campaigns, all in one report.

Report example

The report shows classic metrics such as clicks and impressions, cost, CTR, conversions, and more. Of course, when reviewing this report and making conclusions, it is important to pay attention to all factors, such as the campaign’s association with the brand (brand terms), the location being targeted, the target audience, the bid strategy, and the like.


Discovery ads – let users discover you in more places

According to research, 85% of users take action within 24 hours of discovering a product – for example, price comparison or purchase. Discovery campaigns were introduced last year, but have only been available to all advertisers around the world since April.

Discovery ads examples

With discovery campaigns, an advertiser can reach nearly three billion users, while Google’s machine learning and understanding of brand intent will help make it easier to connect brands with new potential customers. Discovery ads offer the ability to present authentic and relevant ads using an image or a rotating image menu:

Discovery ads on YouTube

With Discovery campaigns, you can learn more about your users and what causes them to react – for example, which photo works better.

Discovery ads interface in Google Ads

Discovery ads are definitely interesting news to test.


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