Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Through monitoring and measuring results to successful business


We structure the Google Analytics account in a way that you can make quality decisions for your company with the data obtained from users.

Goal setting

By setting and tracking the goals of the website, we achieve better functionality and monitoring the results of all digital actions (promotions, announcements and advertising).

Measuring results & optimizing

Measuring results and optimizing - Data-based decisions are a major feature of today's marketing campaigns. Based on the obtained data, further strategies for the development of the company and business are defined.

Conversion setup and personalized reports
are included in the price of the service


Who are your visitors? Where do they come from? How long do they stay on your site? Through which channel do they reach your site? By setting up Google Analytics correctly, you will get answers to these and many more related questions.

Google Analytics setup includes the configuration of a conversion tracking system and personalized reports.


A tool primarily designed to collaborate with other Google products, which helps organize key marketing integrations. Managing Google Tag Manager is an increasingly important part of marketing campaigns, and with business development, it offers advanced tracking of results with greater control.

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Every quality marketing strategy and its successful implementation starts from the analysis of the results of marketing activities so far. Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager will provide you with in-depth insight into data that will help you plan and better implement your marketing activities across all digital channels.
You can. But without a deep knowledge of your audience and their habits and needs, your campaigns will not achieve satisfactory results, and budgets will be spent. With our Google Ads service, we set up Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for all our clients on their pages free of charge.
You can. Google Tag Manager is designed to work with other Google tools to help organize key marketing integrations, and is becoming an increasingly important tool to help make decisions about your company’s or organization’s future marketing activities.
Adding these tools to your page will not make a significant difference in the page response speed and thus cause users a negative user experience. The tools are compatible with all modern web design platforms, and adding them to websites has already become a common practice in the world.
By setting up Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, you get an in-depth insight into your business data in a digital environment within a simple interface that does not require special prior knowledge. Also, we provide all our clients with education to better understand the data on which future marketing strategies and actions will be based. Furthermore, your ads will become more effective by reaching your target audience and get more sales of products or services.
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