How to structure your Google Ads account

A good Google Ads account organization is essential for one of the main things that can affect the performance of your Google Ads campaign. To figure out how important a Google Ads account organization is, we can compare it to the desktop. A desk with stuffed things makes it almost impossible to find certain things when they need it most. Similar to the Google Ads account. To avoid this, you need to plan your account structure before it starts creating your campaign.

How to plan your account structure?
To begin with, we’ll explain the structure of your Google Account. Imagine a Google account as a pyramid. At the top of the pyramid, there is an account that is linked to the email. The Google Account consists of a campaign, at which level specific settings (such as targeting, campaign type, budget, and more) are determined. Campaigns consist of ad groups that include ads and keywords.

Google Ads account structure

How to segment products/services?
Before making a campaign, it is most important to decide how we want to segment our products or services. We will try to explain this easily in the example of clothes and footwear stores. In that case, it is best to divide campaigns with respect to the type of clothing that is being sold – shoe campaign, jacket campaign, pants campaign etc. Within the jacket campaign, different ad groups are based on the type of jacket – leather jackets, spring jackets similar to. The same goes for other campaigns. It is possible to make a more structured offer in the sense of making a special campaign for each different product.
So structured campaigns allow you to use relevant keywords for each ad group. In addition, it allows for more detailed monitoring of the performance of a particular product and the effectiveness of its advertising.

In short, the best practice is:

  • Create special campaigns for different product types, different targeting ranges, and different ad types;
  • Create special ad groups with relevant keywords based on the type of product or service;
  • For a different company, you must create a special account.

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