How to write effective text ads

As you read in our earlier blog posts, text ads are the simplest type of ad that Google advertising offers. They are used primarily in search campaigns but can be used in display campaigns as well. Regardless of the simplest type of ad, it is not easy to write a good text ad that will attract the attention of the user and result in a click and a desired action on the website. For anyone who has forgotten or is not sure what to do, we will repeat once again that text ads, in the simplest way, are composed exclusively of text. The same logic, in this case, suggests the quality of the text is what to focus on, to attract the attention of the user who will then react and click on the ad.

How can you recognize a good Google text ad?

A good advertisement raises campaign efficiency and leads to the achievement of goals that may be different – increasing online sales, increasing web visits and so on. A well-written ad contains a clear title, a high-quality description and a call to action, but, we must keep the eye on the rules Google makes – for example, it is not allowed to write all the words in capital letters or use too many diacritical characters – Google will not approve such ads.

What Google text ads are made of?

The text ad consists of several sections that we will now state and explain:

Title – A good title is very important because most of the potential clients will notice it first. Including at least one keyword in the title gives it relevance. There are three title fields available in text ads, each of which can contain 30 characters (including spaces);

Web address / URL – Displays the website address. Path fields are closely linked to the URL field. What is Path? A path consists of a maximum of 15 characters, and there are two paths that can be used. They are part of the URL and come after the domain. It’s important to note that the Path field affects only the visual appearance of your URL, and thus increases its relevance, but does not change the link. – Description / Description – The text ad contains two description fields, each of which can contain 90 characters. It is recommended in the description to emphasize the positive side of the product or service, and the added value that sets them outcompetes. It’s also important in the description to include keywords for relevance to your ads. After explaining what the text ads consist of, we’ll give you some guidelines for writing text ads:

Highlight Product Benefits – let a prospective buyer see why it is worth it to choose just that product or service against the competition;

Use a call to action – let a buyer react to your ad;

Include terms such as “bulk” or “discount” if they exist;

Let the ad be relevant to the keywords that are being used;

– Internet users use a variety of Internet access devices, customize their ads – Internet users access through computers, cell phones, and tablets; – Use ad extensions to maximize ad performance (ad slots will later be dedicated to a separate blog);

– Make an ad relevant for a landing page – If you advertise shoes such as ad, let the ad URL lead to a shoe page instead of the Home page. And finally, when we’ve already mentioned a landing page, in order to keep users in the same it is necessary:

Offer relevant, useful, and original content;

Be transparent and clear to know what you are doing, to acquaint the users with the product/service, specifications, and functionality of the same;

Optimize a website for all types of devices;

Increase the page opening speed – Waiting for a user to open a web page results in leaving the page before it is opened.

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