Improve your campaign’s performance with advanced features

Once the Google Ads campaign is launched, the system starts collecting important data used in further optimization. When the campaign is active, the user gets valuable information about how it works, such as the performance of individual keywords, the location where the campaign works best, the time the most clicks that make the conversions, and the information about the devices users use to access your ads.

What is bid adjustment?
Bid adjustment is called an option to increase and lower bids for the situations we’ve mentioned earlier in the text.

When setting up a campaign, it is most important to put yourself in the user’s situation and think like a user.

How do I use bid adjustment? (Example)
Keep in mind that you are a restaurant owner and you have noticed that people in our neighborhood are more likely to come to your restaurant than people who are physically remote locations. In this case, we can increase bids for those people who are close to our restaurant, so that their ad is shown more often. However, we can also reduce bids for people who are, for example, 50km away from our restaurant, because we know that the chance for us to visit them is minimal, and showing ads to these people will only be an additional cost.

Apply bid adjustment options in campaigns:
Device – Use this function to increase or decrease bid for certain devices – mobile phones, desktops, and tablets;
Location – Use this function to increase/decrease bids based on location (city, region, country, etc.) where the user is located;
Time of the day – did the advertiser notice that web users are doing transactions for certain hours? By using this function, you can set higher bids in those specific hours; – Top Content – Use this feature to increase bid bids to show content to Google’s best content on YouTube and the display network;
Targeting – Bids can be increased or decreased based on placements, topics, and other targeting methods in the Display Campaign;
Remarketing Search Lists – Bids may be increased if you want your ads to appear more often on people in remarketing lists – for example, only people who visited the web in the last 30 days;
Interactions – Bids can be increased so mobile users more often display ads aimed at calling your business.

By analyzing the data collected in some campaigns, the advertiser can see in which situations his campaign works best. In these situations, bid adjustment is important in order to further improve the campaign results.

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