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Paid ads compete with each other and enter auction after which Google’s system through algorithms (which we would all like to know how it works) decides what will be displayed and in which position. The highest bid does not always guarantee the first position on the page. Achieving the first position on a page is influenced by many variables.

How to achieve a better position?

In order to achieve the best position for an ad, you have to look at a lot of things when creating them (but also when creating a comprehensive campaign). It’s important to think about these factors when creating your campaigns:

Bid – if an advertiser is willing to pay a higher cost per click, the more likely it is to be positioned on the top of the page;
The ad format – the ad format that you select, contributes to the ad position. Ads that use extensions (include hyperlinks to blog extensions) have a greater chance of gaining higher positions;
Expected clickthrough-rate – Expected CTR for an ad, if it is low, you should consider changing your ad;
Website relevance – shows that the site is relevant to the ad;
Ad relevance – Shows whether the ad is relevant to the website. It is important to note that it is necessary to pay all the above factors if you want to achieve the best results. All of them affect ad performance. How to understand their impact will explain to you the Google Ads Auction system that will take into account all of these factors and make a decision about which position the ad will show.

What is the auction of Google Ads / Google Ads Auction?

The Google Ads service is advertised every time Google searches. It decides to show (if you use more, which is certainly recommended), which placement will be shown for a specific search, and how much you pay for the advertiser for a single click.

How Does Google Ads Auction Work?

Every time someone gets some idea and starts searching Google, Google searches the web and finds all the keywords that match that search (the keyword or word the user has entered in the search engine).
When all of the keywords found, they will be deleted which are not relevant and will not be displayed (for example, if they want to differentiate from the country, or they will not approve).
Of the remaining ads, only those with high ad rank will be shown. Ad rank is a position that is influenced by the factors we mentioned earlier. With such a system, systems that show the best and most relevant ads, which is beneficial and who searches them, as well as the advertiser.

What is Quality Score?

It is important to note that there is a variable in the auction that is called a quality result. Quality Score evaluates by 1-10 marks each keyword in your Google Ads account. Here you will find the quality ads and the landing page that the ad will run. Quality of a visit rating means that the system recognizes the ad and landing page as relevant and useful to the person that is shown in the displayed location.

In the end, this is to remember that even if the competition has a higher bid, it does not mean that their ad will be displayed in a better position. Auctions on Google Searchers are every day and have potentially different results that depend on when auctions are taking place.

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