Reach your customers with relevant targeting

The main feature of online advertising is to show a relevant message to relevant people at the right time.

How to achieve it through Google Ads?
Before you choose a targeting strategy, you must be able to visualize the potential of a product or a service.

The basic questions that arise are:
Who? – This is one of the key aspects of targeting, where you choose which audience you want to target. Whether it’s people who have shown interest in the products or services they’re advertising, whether they’re older people on the web (called remarketing), or that people are targeting demographic characteristics (such as age, sex, etc.) , it is necessary to think well in order to define the target group well.

Where? – The question of how to refer to both the physical and the online “location” of the user. Apart from the location, this issue also applies to the device they use to access the Internet, as well as to the websites that interest and visit them (online user location).

What? – The last question defining what is in the interest of the target audience. When targeting, there are a variety of options – one of them is the use of keywords. For example, if a car traffic is advertised, users can target car key keywords.

It’s important to note that there is no unique targeting strategy, but it is developing with respect to the campaign’s goals and the type of company for which the campaign is being created.

We will explain it in the example. We are in a position to own a flower shop. Valentine’s Day is coming, and we know that many will want to cheer up people with gentle sex by delivering flowers. Flower delivery service is offered and we want to advertise it before Valentine’s Day.
Let’s take into account that Valentine’s men are giving flowers to women. So, demographically, we aim to show our ads to men. For romance and good manners it’s never too late, so we will not use the age limit but we will target men of all ages. Furthermore, we come to the location of our ads to appear. The display location, in this case, depends on the area of ​​delivery of our flowers. So, if we deliver up to 10 kilometers around our store, we choose 10-kilometer radio targeting. It is not for us to see our ad, for example, 20km from our store if we do not deliver it.
As a store owner, we should at least know exactly what our target customers are. Hypothetically, we can say that men who buy flowers like music, art, travel, for example. Targeting by theme allows us to target these preferences.

Now that we’ve explained a target audience to our web, let’s look at what we have more options. We noticed that many of our web visitors did not make an order on our web, so in order to remind some of them, there is a remarketing campaign option (remember, we mentioned it at the beginning of the text). It allows us to show ads to people who have already visited our website and have not made an order for example. Some of these people may have seen an ad for too long and simply forgot to make an order. That’s why this remarketing reminds them of i

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