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Unlock the power of social media with planned posts and branding your business!

Increase the reach of your posts and brand your business with a marketing strategy on social media!

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Social media marketing

Managing social media requires creating relevant, high-quality, and engaging content consistently, for a targeted audience of a specific product or service, along with expertise and creativity..

Planned and strategic social media advertising increases the reach of your posts to the targeted audience, meaning that your products and services will be easily accessible to potential customers.

Social media marketing includes managing pages and creating organic posts, as well as creating paid campaigns.
Active social media channels can build your brand, increase customer loyalty, and boost revenue.

    Get better results on the following social media platforms with our help

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    Increase your online presence and attract new clients with our Facebook marketing service. We will help you increase your reach to potential customers with creative, interesting, and informative Facebook posts, and help you discover how your business can succeed on the world’s largest social network.

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    Develop your presence on Instagram, increase the visibility of your posts, and attract new clients with attractive and engaging visual content. We will help you achieve your marketing goals and push your business results on this popular social network with our professional Instagram profile management service.

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    Utilize the full potential of the most powerful platform for professional networking. Increase the influence of your company in the digital business world with our expert LinkedIn marketing service. Brand yourself and/or your business, and attract new clients with pre-designed, relevant content — and achieve greater success on this social network.

    Organic vs Paid Posts

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    Organic posts

    Organic posts on social media refer to unpaid content that is visible only to followers or to the people who visit your page. These posts are an important part of a social media profile management strategy, but their reach has significantly decreased in recent years — not all users who follow your pages will see your posts. Relevant, quality content can increase the reach of your posts and improve the visibility of your brand, and we are here to help you with that.

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    Paid campaigns

    Paid campaigns on social media refer to paid ads which can target specific audiences, and are designed to reach a larger number of potential clients. Before launching an ad, it is important to define the target audience to ensure the success of the campaign — it can be determined based on gender, age, location, interests, and other indicators that we determine during consultation. The combination of organic and paid posts will achieve the best results on social media.

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    Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about social media

    What are posts on social networks?

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    Social network posts can take the form of text, images, or videos. The goal of sharing them is to attract attention, engage the audience, and build a brand presence on social media. By publishing high-quality and relevant posts, you can attract your audience’s attention and increase your reach. Consequently, this will contribute to the long-term growth of your brand and improve your business results.

    How to choose the right social network for your business?

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    It’s best to maintain a presence on all available social networks. However, if you want to choose only some of them, it’s important to research your target audience and determine which platforms they prefer. Additionally, you need to define your marketing goals and decide what your social media presence will focus on.

    How can I increase audience engagement on my posts?

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    Firstly, creating a plan and strategy for organic posts combined with advertising, tailored to the target audience, will contribute to increased engagement with social media posts. Secondly, it is important to provide the audience with quality and relevant content, as well as visually appealing graphic elements.

    What is the difference between organic and paid posts?

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    Organic posts on social network are unpaid content visible only to page followers. If you want your posts to reach a larger audience, including those who do not follow your page, you should consider paid campaigns. Sponsored posts are paid ads created for a specific audience, which increases the reach of your posts. Furthermore, a combination of organic and paid posts can help achieve the best results on social network.

    What are the types of paid ads?

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    There are two options for paid advertising on social media — sponsoring existing posts and creating paid campaigns. Sponsoring posts can be done, for example, through the “boost” option on Facebook.. It is always recommended to use more advanced advertising tools, both for your posts and for creating whole campaigns.

    How to track advertising results and campaign success?

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    Advertising results can be tracked using social network analytics tools, which include metrics such as reach, ad impressions, etc. Each social media platform provides unique tools. A properly set up Google Analytics account tracks visitors from these platforms.

    Can I advertise on social networks if I don’t have a website?

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    A website is not necessary for advertising on social media.  But, nowadays it is almost essential for your business to be visible and easily discoverable to everyone in the online world. A website provides you with the opportunity to showcase your brand and products, and to build an online identity for your business. It also enables you to gain the trust of your clients, directing them toward a purchase of your products or services.

    What is the price of managing a social network profile?

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    The price depends on the number of pages and social networks you wish to advertise on. We will create an offer and clearly define the price before starting the advertising campaign. The total cost includes our service fee and the budget you are willing to invest in advertising. You will need an advertising budget to run paid campaigns.