Google Advertising and Lumed – Case Study

The waiting room of the Lumed dental office, white walls, beautiful interior, and glass doors.

The healthcare institution Lumed, a private dental medicine facility, began operations in 2022. Located in Varaždin, this establishment offers a wide range of dental services, with a special focus on endodontics, prosthetics, and aesthetics. Its owner and founder, Dr. Med. Dent. Luka Hanžek, with whom we initiated collaboration in 2022, decided to apply her extensive experience gained in both the private and public sectors to her own entrepreneurial venture. Google Advertising, as one of our services, has found its place in our collaboration.

After years of experience in the healthcare system, Luka decided to start her own business. Like many new entrepreneurs, she faced the challenge of attracting clients. Every business, regardless of expertise or high-quality services, needs a continuous influx of new clients to achieve success. In search of an efficient solution, Luka opted for Google advertising to increase her client base. This approach proved to be exceptionally successful, and we will explain its effectiveness in further detail below.

Dr. Luka Hanžek smiling in a white coat in the office in front of dental machines.

Google Advertising in the example of Lumed

Let’s first briefly look at the process of setting up advertising campaigns. The initial meeting with the client was crucial for gathering information. Based on this we created an advertising strategy and market approach. Together, we defined the target group, determined the budget, and the geographical area for advertising. We then started working on the campaigns, beginning with keyword research. It was important to focus on user behavior and their search habits. We noticed that most users do not search for technical terms like “endodontics” but rather more general terms like “private dentist”. We included both types of keywords to cover the services Lumed offers fully.

Keywords, ads, and launching advertising

After compiling a keyword list, we proceeded to write the ads. We then presented the finished ads to the client for final approval. Since ads are a part of the business that potential clients see, it’s always important to check the ad content with the client, ensuring they adequately represent the business. After approving the keywords, ads, and ad extensions, and defining advertising goals, we created the first campaigns, which we organized by type of services.

As is often the case, after launching the ads and the first few days, our campaigns began to achieve measurable success, generating more and more impressions and clicks. Soon after, the first conversions started coming in – website conversions that we had set as advertising goals. In this case, conversions included calls, emails, and messages to arrange appointments. Thanks to Google Analytics, which we implemented on the website, all data were measurable, showing a significant increase in traffic. With the increase in traffic, the number of conversions also grew, leading to an increase in Lumed’s patient numbers. Data from Google Analytics show that traffic generated through Google ads accounts for approximately 70% of the total website traffic and is responsible for 60% of the total conversions achieved.

Client’s opinion is always important to us

Although we were very pleased with the results, hearing our client’s opinion was important. She expressed her satisfaction with the following words:

“Google Ads have proven to be an ideal channel for expanding the base and attracting new patients. I am particularly impressed by the fact that the ads are shown to people who are currently searching on Google for the services we offer, which increases the chances of being contacted and scheduling an appointment.”

After starting to use our Google Ads service, Lumed granted us additional trust by entrusting us with the creation of their new website to further enhance their online presence. While the old website was designed as a ‘one-page’ site, in creating the new website, we decided to create separate landing pages for individual services. This improved the user experience for visitors and also optimized the site for more efficient advertising. The new design and functionalities of the website proved to be extremely successful, leading to increased user activity. This enhancement also resulted in a higher number of conversions on the site.

We accepted this task with great responsibility and returned the favor in the best possible way – with excellent results!

Luka expressed optimistic plans for the future:

“We plan to expand our advertising to a larger number of geographical areas and abroad. We firmly believe that the results will continue to be excellent with this approach.”

Dr. Luka Hanžek smiling in front of a large picture featuring mountains while giving a statement about Google Advertising.

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