Increase sales with Google Ads Advertising – Bim Sport Case Study

A laptop with the Bim Sport page open, displaying a sales growth chart.

Discover how increasing sales becomes a reality with Google Ads advertising! In this detailed case study, we explore effective strategies and campaign optimizations that lead to outstanding business results. Understanding the key success factors in digital advertising is crucial for any business aiming for growth. Let’s dive into the world of Google Ads! We’ll find out how careful planning and expert execution can transform your business goals into tangible gains!

How and when do Google Ads start delivering results?

When considering the launch of advertising, whether it be Google Ads campaigns or any other type of digital marketing, it’s crucial to understand the aspects of investment profitability and return on advertising spend (ROAS). In this section, we explore how efficient management of Google Ads campaigns can maximize your ROI. Here is an example and a strategy that has proven to be successful.

Each client who chooses Google Ads advertising at Adssential is approached individually, and campaigns are tailored to their specific needs. It’s important to emphasize that advertising results are always individual and depend on various factors. The quality of the product or service, price, and website functionality, market specifics are some of them. Almost every aspect of business impacts advertising success. In some cases, results may be visible almost immediately.Iin other situations, achieving goals requires patience, sometimes weeks, or even months. Our personalized approach allows us to provide each client with the most optimal solution, aligned with their unique business goals and market circumstances.

I want results now!

Most clients naturally expect quick results from their Google Ads campaigns, understandable given the dynamics of digital marketing. This desired ‘instant’ achievement of results also reflects our aspiration. However, it’s important to acquaint clients with the realistic functions and timeframe of digital marketing, especially Google Ads advertising. There’s a common tendency to constantly ‘check’ results after launching campaigns. However, it’s crucial to understand that the first useful data and visible ‘effects’ usually don’t appear immediately but require a time-lapse. Understanding this allows for better planning and setting realistic expectations. This applies to both us and our clients, leading to more successful and sustainable marketing strategies in the long term. Proactivity is a key trait in many business aspects, including digital marketing. However, once Google Ads campaigns are set up, Google’s artificial algorithms take the stage.

When questions about the profitability timeframe for Google Ads campaigns arise, an exact answer is not possible. Performance varies, making precise predictions challenging. If predicting such results were feasible, our abilities would be of more interest to secret services than digital marketing. But seriously speaking, accurately predicting the moment when a campaign will reach its set goals is not feasible. Any attempt to provide a definitive answer before launching the campaign would be mere guessing.

Certain metrics, like the recommended cost-per-click, can be indicative, although from our experience, they often significantly differ from actual results. Therefore, claims about a specific number of sales or revenue before launching a campaign are considered unrealistic. However, by analyzing data after launching the campaign, we can estimate the ‘direction of movement’ of sales or revenue. This enables both current profitability calculations and ongoing optimization of campaigns to achieve optimal results.

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How long does it take to assess the profitability of Google Ads campaigns?

To assess the profitability of Google Ads campaigns, we recommend three months of advertising. During that period we apply our extensive knowledge and experience gained over years of work and continuous professional development. Our activities include daily data analysis and continuous optimization, specifically tailored to each client’s target audience. This approach allows us to collaborate with clients on achieved results, offering expert suggestions for improved outcomes. Our advice spans Google Ads, website optimization, and other marketing channels. Joint data analysis with clients assesses advertising profitability, ensuring transparency and efficiency in our marketing efforts.

One of the key advantages of digital advertising, compared to traditional marketing channels, is its measurability. This measurability plays a vital role in the precise calculation of campaign profitability. Using Bim Sport as an example, we’ll show how Google Ads can significantly increase sales. This offers clear insight into digital advertising’s effectiveness, particularly through the Google Ads platform.

Bim Sport and Google Ads advertising

To bridge the gap between theory and practice and give you a realistic insight into the effectiveness of our strategies, we have decided, with our client’s permission, to demonstrate the success of one of our Google Ads campaigns. This example shows how carefully and expertly setting up a Google Ads campaign, in combination with coordinated advertising on other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, can significantly contribute to the growth of an online store’s sales. We will detail how the acceptance and implementation of our expert advice led to tangible improvements in sales results, highlighting the importance of an integrated approach in digital marketing. This specific example serves as an excellent indicator of how properly targeted advertising can have a significant impact on the growth and development of businesses on digital platforms.

About Bim Sport

Bim Sport Ltd., based in Varaždin, represents the leading outdoor store specializing in equipment for professions that include working at heights – tree work, roofing, and for example, work on telecommunications towers. Given the high risk associated with these professions, workers must be equipped with the highest quality and safest gear. Bim Sport excels in providing just such equipment, and their clients include reputable organizations such as the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS).

Besides professional equipment, Bim Sport also offers a wide range of quality outdoor gear for recreational activities. This includes hiking equipment, as well as outdoor footwear and clothing. A significant aspect of their offer is also the fact that they are official representatives of renowned global brands such as Petzl and Scarpa. This diverse offering makes Bim Sport Ltd. from Varaždin an ideal destination for all outdoor enthusiasts, regardless of their professional or recreational orientation.

The homepage of the Bim Sport store displaying their range of sports and professional equipment, and the official representation of the Petzl brand.

Beginning of Collaboration

Our partnership with Bim Sport began in August 2020. They decided to implement Google Ads advertising to expand their reach and increase sales. Although they chose to continue managing their social media independently at that time, we laid the foundation for an integrated marketing strategy. It was important to align activities across all channels – social media posts were coordinated with Google ads and vice versa. This coherent strategy, crucial for digital marketing success, ensured consistency in communication and enhanced the overall impact of marketing activities.

The advertising plan was developed in collaboration with the client, taking into account their specific needs and objectives. Through such an integrated approach, we managed to create a strong synergy between Google Ads campaigns and social media activities, ensuring that each channel contributed to the overall efficiency and visibility of Bim Sport in the market.

At the time we started our collaboration with Bim Sport, they had just launched their new website, which was fully prepared for advertising. This is not always the case with our clients, where we often encounter situations where websites are not fully ready for effective advertising. In such cases, we advise postponing advertising until the necessary changes to the website are made, which we consider key to achieving optimal advertising results. We provide each client with advice and recommendations for changes, and if the client does not have a developer, our team is ready to step in and make the necessary adjustments. This approach ensures that we set each campaign on a solid foundation, which is crucial for success in digital marketing. Now, returning to the example of Bim Sport, their new website represented an ideal starting point for our Google Ads campaign.

Preparations for setting up campaigns

In preparing to launch the Google Ads campaign for Bim Sport, we first focused on setting up Google Analytics. Although the basic Analytics tag recording website visits was installed, additional settings needed implementation. Using Google Tag Manager, we created and set up conversions in Google Analytics, preparing the account for advertising start. Since Bim Sport is an online shop, tracking product sales, or transactions, was an extremely important conversion. In addition, we set up tracking for other important conversions such as sent contact forms or calls made through the phone number on the website. In this case, it was necessary to implement advanced e-commerce tracking, which we did.

This technical aspect of preparation was crucial for obtaining accurate and relevant data on advertising performance. Preparation was crucial for obtaining accurate data on advertising performance. After optimizing the website and Google Analytics, we launched Google Ads campaigns for Bim Sport. Detailed preparation allowed us to maximize the campaign’s effectiveness and accurately track its success.

Creating Google Ads Campaigns

Before we began advertising, we carefully defined the products that Bim Sport wanted to promote, as well as the target customer group and other key campaign settings, including the geographical area of advertising. We divided the target audiences into two main categories: professionals and recreational users. We then detailed and profiled each of these groups to better understand and target potential customers.

The creation of the campaign involved setting up a total of nine search campaigns. In the early days of advertising, our primary goal was to analyze reactions to the campaigns. This involved collecting basic information and testing the market. Advertising officially started on August 9, 2020. The data for the first month of advertising, August, covered approximately two-thirds of the entire month.

The first three months of advertising

The first month of Google Ads advertising for Bim Sport was extremely informative and useful in terms of collecting quality data for further campaign optimization. The Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) was 249% – a result that exceeded our expectations for just under a month of advertising. The early results were promising and provided us with valuable insights into how clients reacted to the campaigns and which aspects we needed to further improve. This initial advertising success gave us clear confirmation of our strategy’s effectiveness and provided a solid foundation for further optimizations, aiming to achieve even better results in the coming months.

As a Google Partner, we have the privilege of offering additional benefits to our clients. After the first 30 days of successful advertising for Bim Sport, we awarded our client a bonus in the form of an advertising voucher worth 600 HRK (nowadays, the amount is a bit higher, so the bonus can be up to €350 after 60 days of advertising).

Through continuous daily optimization and data analysis, our Google Ads campaigns for Bim Sport showed significant progress in the second month of advertising, i.e., in September. The success of our efforts was reflected in the sales results, and the ROAS increased to an impressive 942%. This significant ROAS growth was the result of selling higher-value products, leading to considerably higher sales revenue compared to the previous month.

In the third month of our Google Ads campaigns for Bim Sport, which we had predefined as a period for testing campaigns and analyzing their profitability, we also recorded an impressive ROAS of 897%. This positive sales and revenue growth trend was a clear indicator of our strategy’s success and the adaptability of the campaigns.

Satisfaction with the achieved results

Pleased with the results achieved, the client decided to continue advertising. This decision proved to be very profitable already in the fourth month of the campaign, in November 2020, when we achieved an incredible ROAS of 2322%!

Achieving a ROAS like the one we achieved for Bim Sport is a top result in the world of digital advertising, both for advertisers and for agencies managing advertising accounts. Consistency and expertise in advertising and communication with the client are the recipe for successful Google Ads campaigns.

The following chart shows the ROAS for the first 12 months of Google advertising. The lowest ROAS we achieved in the observed period was 897% – such “a low” ROAS is indeed what we would like to see in all Google Ads accounts. In some months, the ROAS climbed above an unreal 2,000%, which you can check in the chart below.

A chart showing ROAS by month from August 2020 to July 2021. for Google Ads advertising.

The results of the Bim Sport campaign are the outcome of our advertising approach. This includes continuous optimization, detailed analysis, and the application of analyzed data.Through such an approach, we enable our clients, such as Bim Sport, to achieve top advertising results.

The collaboration with Bim Sport continued to expand and develop. After the visible success with Google Ads campaigns, the client decided to extend the cooperation, entrusting us with managing other marketing channels as well, which testifies to the trust we have gained through achieved and measurable advertising results.

Returning to our primary topic—Google Ads advertising. We continuously analyze and optimize campaigns to enhance performance and ROI. Our evolving strategy ensures campaigns stay relevant and effective, responding to market trends and client needs. The next sections detail the importance of regular Google Ads campaign optimization.

The importance of regular optimization of Google Ads campaigns

Quality preparation and creation of campaigns are crucial, but their optimization is equally important. Our optimization, based on the analysis of the data obtained, enables achieving the best results and maximum efficiency of campaigns. This process includes a detailed examination of search terms, testing different ads, researching new keywords, and similar activities.

One of the key indicators of success in Google Ads advertising is the CTR (click-through rate). The CTR is the ratio of clicks on an ad to the total number of impressions it receives. Since the beginning of advertising, the CTR has been high, suggesting the relevance of the ads. In the foreseeable future, we will reach figures of up to 40%, as seen in the chart below. The data ends in December 2022 as we created a new Google Ads account for Croatian kuna to euros conversion. Throughout the advertising period, the CTR for search campaigns has been above average, benefiting the entire advertising account.

The chart shows CTR over four years of Google Ads advertising.

Why are properly structured campaigns important?

Properly structured and optimized campaigns are key to delivering exceptional results for your webshop. Besides boosting online sales, they can also significantly increase awareness of your brand. This not only increases online visits but can also increase ‘offline’ visits – that is, visits to your physical store.

To underscore Google Ads importance, we’ll highlight key indicators that clarify its significance in advertising. From 2020 to 2023, the Google Ads channel contributed to an average of 54% of revenues generated through the webshop:

The share of Google Ads advertising revenue in total revenues.

People often discuss Google Ads importance but lack solid facts and evidence. That is precisely why we have presented this case study, to better illustrate the potential and opportunities it offers. The decision to launch Google advertising is yours, and our task is to maximize its potential.

For more information about Google Ads advertising, as well as our other services, feel free to contact us through our web form, by phone, or on social media. We hope you enjoyed reading!