LinkedIn Advertising for Beginners

Mobile phone and laptop displaying the initial step for LinkedIn advertising.

LinkedIn advertising is indispensable for any business looking to reach a professional audience and establish significant business collaborations. As the largest social network for business users, LinkedIn allows you to showcase your products and services on a global scale.

With over a billion users worldwide, including 67 million registered companies, LinkedIn is an ideal platform for B2B sales and marketing. Interestingly, every second, three new users register on LinkedIn, and in 2023, the number of users grew by an impressive 125 million. Impressive numbers, right? That’s why LinkedIn ads have become more important than ever.

Advantages of LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn advertising offers advanced targeting capabilities based on user positions, education, and work skills. This allows you to reach decision-makers, company owners, and department heads, making LinkedIn an extremely effective advertising channel directly.

If you don’t have a profile on this platform yet, now is the perfect time to create one and take advantage of all the benefits this social network offers.

How to Create a LinkedIn Profile

To create a LinkedIn profile, click on the link. Then, select one of the available “Join now” buttons.

LinkedIn homepage.

In the first step, you need to choose the email you will use for the profile and a password. After doing so and confirming by pressing “Agree & Join,” follow the further steps. Fill in information about yourself, including your first and last name, company, job position, and similar details.

In this blog post, we won’t focus on editing the profile, but on creating campaigns. However, take the time to edit your profile by entering all relevant information.

Open a LinkedIn Business Profile

After opening a personal profile, it’s time to open a business profile for your company. When you log into your profile, you’ll find the “For Business” section in the top right corner. It used to be called “Work,” so don’t let that confuse you. A dropdown menu will open, and you need to select “Create a company page +.”

The process of creating a LinkedIn business page.

Follow the process and enter all company information. If you don’t have all the materials available at the moment, such as a profile picture, you can add them later. You can edit the page at any time. The official LinkedIn YouTube channel also offers a detailed explanation of the process of opening a LinkedIn page, which you can watch here.

Now that you have created both a personal profile and your company profile, it’s time for the next step!

Open LinkedIn Campaign Manager

Advertising campaigns on LinkedIn are created in the Campaign Manager. Before starting advertising, you need to set up an account. The account is set up by visiting and logging in with your credentials.

A pop-up window will open where you need to enter the account name (you can use your company name), currency, and a link to the company’s LinkedIn page.

User interface for opening the campaign manager.

You also need to enter a payment method. You can add the payment method after creating the first campaign. A pop-up window will appear where you will click on the “Go to Billing Center” button. If you want to add a payment method earlier, click on “Account settings” on the left side, at the Campaign Manager’s homepage. A menu will open where you click on “Billing center,” and then you can enter a credit card and company information.

From a technical standpoint, you are ready to start LinkedIn advertising!

LinkedIn Advertising – Campaign Creation

1. Step – Creating a Campaign Group

On the “Campaign Manager” home screen, click the blue button, which will open a dropdown menu. You have two options: “Campaign” and “Campaign group.”

A “Campaign group” helps you organize your campaigns by groups. For example, a “Campaign group” can categorize campaigns by type – brand awareness, lead generation, etc.

Create a campaign group and choose your advertising objective. In this case, we chose “Brand awareness.” Let’s assume it’s a new LinkedIn page, and our goal is to create visibility.

Creating a campaign group for LinkedIn campaign.

After selecting the advertising objective, a section will open where you can set the start and end date of the advertising, and you can also set the budget.

Setting the date and budget for LinkedIn campaign.

Next is setting up the campaign.

2. Step – Creating a Campaign

First, enter the name of your campaign. This part is crucial as all essential parameters for targeting users with your ads are entered here. You select where your audience is located, the language of their profile, and similar details.

You also choose which users to target based on their job positions and can set additional attributes such as interests, work experience, the company they work for, and more.

Define your target audience before starting the campaign creation, and take enough time to set the targeting as precisely as possible. On the right side of the interface, you will see “Audience size” and data such as 30-day spending.

LinkedIn offers many options for selecting an audience, with a focus on professional characteristics.

The LinkedIn interface where the audience for advertising is defined.

3. Step – Choosing the Type of Ads for LinkedIn Advertising

After selecting the target audience and defining who you want the ads to be shown to, the next step is choosing the type of ads to use in the campaign. There are several types of ads, and you have the following choices:

Choosing the type of ad for LinkedIn advertising.

For this example, we will choose “Single image.”

After selecting the type of ad, set the budget at the campaign level. You can choose between “Daily budget,” “Lifetime budget,” or “Set both a daily and a lifetime budget.”

Although a budget and duration were chosen at the Campaign group level, you can make the same settings for each individual campaign within it, which will apply exclusively to that campaign.

Choosing the budget and duration of advertising at the campaign level.

Next, you are offered “Conversion tracking.” Tracking advertising results is very important, so we recommend you definitely set up tracking. Depending on your goals, conversions can vary. It could be a purchase on the website, a sent inquiry, and similar actions.

To track conversions on the website, you need to set up the LinkedIn Insight tag. Detailed instructions for setting it up can be found on the official LinkedIn page, which you can see here.

4. Step – Creating Ads for LinkedIn Advertising

We’ve reached the penultimate step, of creating LinkedIn ads. In the previous step, we chose “Single image” as the type of ad we wanted to use. Now follows the creation of the ad. There are two options: “Create new ad(s)” and “Browse existing content.” By choosing the first option, a completely new ad is created, while the “Browse existing content” option is used to promote an existing post. To make it clearer, the second option is like a post boost on Facebook.

In this case, we want to create a completely new ad. After clicking the button, the following interface opens:

Writing the ad for a LinkedIn campaign.

On the left side, all essential data is entered, while on the right side, a preview of the ad is displayed. Enter the introductory text, destination page, visual, title, and description. You can also choose to use a CTA button, and depending on your advertising goal, select one of the offered texts.

If you will use multiple different ads after this step click “Create new ad(s)” again. If you decided on just one ad, click “Next.”

5. Step – Review and Launch Ads

In the final step, LinkedIn offers a review of the campaign you created. You can see and check all campaign details, and if everything is correct, select “Agree & launch campaign.”

Congratulations, you have successfully set up your first LinkedIn campaign!

LinkedIn Advertising – Conclusion

LinkedIn advertising provides unique opportunities for B2B marketing and reaching an audience based on professional characteristics. Detailed targeting, a professional audience, and diverse ad formats make this network a powerful tool for building brands and business connections.

LinkedIn marketing can be crucial for your business success. If you want to start advertising right away and avoid wasting your campaign budget without achieving results due to inexperience and lack of time, contact us via the contact form, email:, or call us at 097 707 4875.

Start advertising your company on LinkedIn and take advantage of all the benefits this platform offers!