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Black Friday is celebrated on the fourth Friday of every November. While this day often leads to large crowds and a frenzy in the USA, in Croatia it is characterized by more moderate discounts and a calmer atmosphere. Here, we’re unlikely to see extreme consumer reactions, such as customers breaking down store doors, clambering over each other, or fighting to get desired products. Nevertheless, it is important to prepare your webshop – Black Friday brings many opportunities that you can take advantage of if you prepare thoroughly and on time!”

Although the discounts for Black Friday in Croatia aren’t as steep as those in the USA, in recent years we’ve observed an increasing number of promotions related to both this event and Cyber Monday. To fully harness Black Friday’s potential, thorough preparation is essential. In this blog, we’ll focus on gearing up online stores for the occasion. The tips we provide will help ensure you’re well-prepared for Black Friday. But before delving into these pointers, have you ever wondered about the origins of the name ‘Black Friday’?

The history of Black Friday

The tradition of celebrating Black Friday originates from the United States. Although there are many theories regarding the origin of this name, pinpointing the most accurate one is challenging. Each theory has its proponents, each convincingly defending their perspective and asserting its correctness.

Let’s delve into some of the most widely mentioned theories about the origins of the name ‘Black Friday’ found online:

The name ‘Black Friday’ originates from Philadelphia police officers

According to this theory, it was the police officers in Philadelphia who first coined the term ‘Black Friday.’ They used it in reference to the challenges they faced on that day: massive crowds, long lines of shoppers, traffic jams, and the necessity of working double shifts. All these factors compelled them to designate a specific name for this taxing day.

The day marking a turning point in consumer spending

Another theory posits that ‘Black Friday’ refers to the pivotal transition between Thanksgiving Day and the commencement of the Christmas shopping season. Up until Thanksgiving, many retailers might have experienced stagnation or even operated at a loss, being ‘in the red’. However, Black Friday represented a significant shift, marking the onset of the bustling Christmas shopping period. This allowed merchants to transition from the ‘red’ accounting books to a profitable ‘black’ status, providing an explanation for the name’s origin based on this theory.

The stock market crash in the USA

One theory about the origin of ‘Black Friday’ traces back to the financial crisis of 1869. This crisis arose from a precipitous decline in gold prices, which subsequently led many into bankruptcy and pushed them to the brink of poverty.

Other Theories Regarding the Origin of ‘Black Friday’

The name ‘Black Friday’ is steeped in a myriad of theories and interpretations. While we’ve delved into three popular explanations, countless others abound. Each theory comes with its champions and detractors, ensuring the true origin of this term remains enigmatic, and some of them can be found at the link.

After exploring various theories about the inception of ‘Black Friday’, the ball is in your court to determine which one seems most plausible – or if its exact origin matters to you at all. For every e-commerce retailer, the undeniable priority is gearing up for Black Friday itself. Continue reading to discover how to excel in your preparations.

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Preparing your webshop Black Friday

Preparing your online store for Black Friday involves more than just planning discounts and promotions. Technical preparation of the site becomes paramount given the anticipated surge in orders, the need for stock updates, and the inevitable rise in complaints and returns accompanying increased sales.

To ensure an excellent user experience, your online store should be geared up to handle a higher influx of visitors. Overlooking this aspect can lead to increased traffic slowing down your webshop. Therefore, it’s imperative to verify the loading speed and responsiveness of your site ahead of time, guaranteeing a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Choosing a Reliable Hosting Provider

Hosting packages vary not just in terms of price, but also in the quality of service they provide. While affordability is important, the reliability and responsiveness of support become paramount during peak times. It’s vital to choose a hosting partner who will be both available and efficient when they’re needed most.

The caliber of hosting is reflected not only in speed and support but also in its capacity to accommodate surges in traffic. While your website’s performance largely hinges on its design and structure, the right hosting ensures stable and swift loading, even under heavy loads.

We suggest routinely assessing your hosting plan to ensure it can handle anticipated increases in traffic. Explore upgrades that can enhance performance. Remember, a site’s loading speed is crucial for retaining visitors and fostering sales.

It’s worth noting that even the most reliable hosting providers can face challenges during periods of extreme traffic surges, such as on Black Friday.

Following the technical preparations, we turn our attention to crafting the marketing strategy. Let’s explore how you can leverage marketing tools and tactics to attract more visitors and amplify sales during Black Friday.

Define the objectives of your webshop Black Friday marketing campaign

The foundation of a successful Black Friday marketing campaign lies in establishing clear and measurable objectives. Reflect on your primary aims for this promotional period. Are you looking to boost overall sales, attract new customers, increase the average cart value, or pursue another goal? By pinpointing specific objectives, you can tailor your marketing strategies with greater precision and subsequently gauge the campaign’s success more effectively.

Define discounts, allocate budget, and select products for promotion

The cornerstone of a triumphant webshop Black Friday campaign is the meticulous selection of products for promotion paired with clearly defined discounts. Consider the following: Will you extend a blanket discount across all products, spotlight specific categories for markdowns, or single out particular items as special deals? Further, deliberate over the nature of the discount—will it be a percentage reduction, a fixed discount sum, or another promotional scheme such as “Buy 1, Get 2”? After solidifying your discount decisions, it’s vital to allocate your marketing budget. This ensures that your promotions resonate with the right demographic and yield the intended results.

Adapt your webshop Black Friday design

To fully harness the potential of the Black Friday campaign, it’s crucial to ensure your online store visually underscores special offers and ongoing discounts. Integrate compelling graphics, visuals, and promotional banners that instantly draw visitors’ eyes. While promotional materials should prominently feature on the homepage, they should also be seamlessly incorporated throughout the site. This constant visual cue keeps customers apprised of the exclusive deals on offer, promoting swifter purchasing decisions.

Expect and be prepared for an increased workload for Black Friday

Black Friday invariably brings a surge in orders, inquiries, and overall customer interactions. Brace yourself for heightened activity – from swift order processing and coordinating deliveries to promptly addressing customer queries, complaints, or return requests. Amidst this increased workload, it’s paramount to maintain exceptional customer support.

Consistent, high-quality service and rapid responses foster trust and loyalty among customers. Even in the face of challenges or potential returns, a professional demeanor can win the customer’s confidence, urging them to return. By consistently offering stellar customer support during this period, you’re not just appeasing present customers but also cementing long-term relationships with them.

Activate all marketing fronts with a clearly defined strategy

Black Friday sees an escalation in marketing endeavors across all channels. With the advertising intensity ramping up, costs—like cost-per-click in platforms such as Google Ads—might spike due to heightened competition and augmented advertising budgets. Remember, this surge isn’t just your challenge; every merchant grapples with it.

To differentiate yourself, it’s pivotal to meticulously plan and synchronize your marketing initiatives. Guarantee that every channel, be it social media, email campaigns, or paid ads, lucidly conveys your Black Friday specials. In this process, tailor your visuals and messages to optimize engagement and conversions for each specific channel.

While ads and marketing campaigns play a key role in funneling visitors to your site, the pivotal conversion moment unfolds within your online store. It’s essential that your website not only withstands the influx of visitors but also delivers an impeccable user experience propelling visitors to complete their purchase. We stress this point’s importance, meriting its reiteration.

Get to know your customers better

Leverage occasions like Black Friday and other festive seasons to delve deeper into understanding your customers’ behaviors and preferences. Even though their actions during these peak periods might differ from their usual patterns, they can still offer significant insights.

Furthermore, encourage customers to share their email addresses, ensuring you obtain the appropriate consent. This allows you to subsequently notify them about new product launches, exclusive offers, and pivotal updates pertaining to your online store through email campaigns. Embedding this practice within your user experience approach is key to nurturing and sustaining long-term relationships with your clientele.

Offer additional benefits for your webshop Black Friday customers

When shopping online, customers consider more than just the product’s price—they’re also swayed by the added benefits you offer. Perks such as free shipping, a range of payment options, and a hassle-free return process can significantly influence their decision to buy. Black Friday presents an ideal opportunity to showcase these advantages. Customers prioritize transparency and ease in their online shopping experience. By bestowing these supplementary benefits, you not only elevate your chances of clinching a sale but also bolster the trust customers place in your brand. Over time, this trust can translate to enhanced customer loyalty and glowing referrals, positioning you as a prominent and reliable online retailer.

Create a sense of urgency

Instilling a sense of urgency is among the most potent marketing tactics, particularly during sales events like Black Friday. When customers perceive a risk of missing out, they’re often compelled to make purchase decisions more swiftly. Ways to evoke urgency include incorporating countdown timers on your site, indicating limited stock availability, dispatching email reminders, and more. However, it’s crucial to calibrate these tactics thoughtfully. Avoid exerting excessive pressure on your audience. Instead, consistently offer authentic value and maintain transparency. This approach will foster trust and loyalty, strengthening your customer relationships.

Black Friday promotions bring certain challenges and potential obstacles. To successfully navigate through this period, strategic planning, maintaining transparency and integrity, and ensuring excellence in customer relations from start to finish are crucial. In the following text, discover what the common mistakes are and how to avoid them.

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Unrealistic Black Friday expectations

Numerous merchants anticipate substantial profits during Black Friday. While it’s crucial to prepare for an uptick in sales, it’s equally important to set pragmatic expectations. Remember that significant discounts can diminish your overall profit margin. To set a realistic benchmark, analyze the trends and outcomes from previous years and craft your strategy accordingly.

Unclear webshop Black Friday promotions

Unclear or overly complex promotions can lead to customer dissatisfaction. It’s vital to ensure that your offers are communicated in a straightforward manner and are easily comprehensible.

Getting rid of unwanted products

Avoid using Black Friday merely as a platform to offload unpopular or slow-moving stock. Discerning customers can easily identify such strategies, which might tarnish your brand’s image.

Dishonesty and exaggeration

Trust can be quickly eroded if customers perceive any dishonesty about discounts, limited stock, or the duration of offers. Always avoid employing urgency tactics unless you can genuinely fulfill your promises.

Delaying Black Friday promotions

It’s essential to plan in advance and advertise early. Secure your place in the market by informing potential customers about upcoming promotions well ahead of time.

Overwhelming with notifications

Bombarding users with too many promotional notifications can lead to “ad blindness,” where users start to ignore your messages because of their excessive frequency.

Limiting to just one channel

To maximize your reach and attract as many customers as possible, it’s essential to diversify your advertising methods. Relying on just one marketing channel can limit your potential.

Poor technical preparation

A website crash during Black Friday can translate to substantial losses for your business. It’s essential to conduct thorough testing of your webshop for Black Friday well in advance to ensure it’s equipped to handle the surge in traffic.

Inadequate post-sale support

With the surge in sales during Black Friday, there’s a corresponding rise in customer inquiries and potential post-purchase issues. It’s essential to ensure you have sufficient support staff available both during and in the aftermath of Black Friday to address these concerns promptly and effectively.

Neglecting to track results

Analysis is the key to future success. Without diligently tracking and evaluating outcomes, it becomes difficult to pinpoint which strategies were effective and which areas need refinement for subsequent years. Employ analytics and tracking tools to gain deep insights into customer behavior, and to assess the performance of your various marketing initiatives.

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With Black Friday just around the corner, we trust that your preparations are well underway. If you’ve yet to kickstart your planning, there’s no time like the present to jump into action and set the stage for triumph. We’re confident that our insights will not only enlighten you but also bolster your marketing endeavors.

And let’s not overlook Cyber Monday! Remember, many of these strategies can be seamlessly applied to that day as well. It presents yet another golden opportunity to prolong your promotional period and amplify your sales even more.