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Create a great first impression with a new, modern, and responsive website that ensures an exceptional user experience!

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Do you need a modern website that will make you stand out in the world of online business?


New website

A well-crafted website is crucial for successful operations, whether you’re selling products or providing services! We approach each website creation carefully and individually, in line with your desires and needs.

Our main goal is to provide visitors with an exceptional user experience, enabling them to quickly understand your business and easily make purchases — or get in touch with you in just a few clicks. In today’s digital age, speed and user-friendliness are the most important factors for visitors.

    Types of websites that make a difference

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    An e-commerce shop or online store is a website whose primary goal is to sell products online. Webshops are created in many different ways, from custom-made shops to those using one of the popular trade platforms — WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, etc. Both approaches have their advantages; after you share your needs with us, we will help you choose the type of webshop and create a successful online store.

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    Lead gen website

    The primary goal of Lead generation websites is encouraging visitors to contact you or your company to generate leads. Unlike e-commerce websites, which focus on sales, lead-generation websites aim to facilitate contact through form submissions, emails, phone calls, and any other means available. These websites can be designed as one-page websites, or they can include multiple destination pages tailored to your needs — such as service pages, galleries, contact pages, etc.

    Steps in website development

    Check out some of our projects and see how we were able to transform ideas into attractive and functional websites.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about web development

    What do we need before creating a website?

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    Before creating a website, it is crucial to secure site hosting and a domain, and clearly define the goals of your website. If you don’t have your own hosting and domain, we can assist you with that. Additionally, we will work with you to define the goals of your website before the actual development process. This ensures that your website is aligned with your needs and expectations.

    Can I request changes to the website during the development process?

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    Before creating a website, we create a project sketch (draft) that we go through together and make all the necessary changes, which will then be implemented during the web development process.

    How long does web development take?

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    The duration of website development largely depends on the size and complexity of the project, as well as the delivery of necessary materials such as texts and photographs. Before starting the development, we will provide a detailed estimate of the expected project duration, so you have a clear understanding of the timeline.

    What are the steps in the website development process?

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    The website development process includes the following steps:
    – Firstly, we secure the domain and hosting.
    – Then we gather your requirements and preferences for the website, along with materials such as text and graphics (we can create these if necessary).
    – Once we agree on the design, we create a template and send it to you for review. In this phase, the development cost includes revisions, allowing you to provide feedback.

    When we finalize the website design, we proceed with the development and deliver the finished product.

    What happens next after you develop the website?

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    After creating the website, we offer an optional maintenance service that includes regular updates, security protection, functionality checks, and product additions for e-commerce websites. However, this service is not mandatory. Once you have covered the development costs, the website becomes your property, and you receive full access to it.

    Will you optimize the website for search engines (SEO)?

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    During the website development process, we apply basic search engine optimization (SEO) settings, following best practices. It’s important to keep in mind that new websites require some time to start ranking on search engines. Additionally, ongoing SEO work is crucial for achieving and maintaining high rankings in organic search results. This means that optimization done during website development is not sufficient for maintaining top positions in the long run.

    How much does website development cost?

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    The price of creating a website varies depending on its purpose, the number of pages, the structure, and its complexity. In order to provide you with an accurate offer and define the price, we will require at least the basic information about your needs. Feel free to contact us for more info!