What are Google Ads?

While spending time on Internet you probably see a lot of different sponsored ads. No matter if you search for a special term in Google search engine, or read an article on some web site, watch YouTube video, you certainly see some of those sponsored ads.

What are those ads? Where are they made? Can I use those ads for my business? Is using those ads profitable? Where can I put those ads? Listed questions are just few of the questions users think about while seeing mentioned ads. We’ll start to write this blog in order to introduce you Google Ads and their functionality.

Definition of Google Ads
Google Ads (until recently Google AdWords) are ads that promotes certain business online and improves its performance. It’s a tool that may help to connect a business with an audience – potential clients.

How to improve business with Google Ads?
Different types of business demands different structured Google Ads and different type of campaigns. Different campaigns type defines how will ads look like and place where users will see them – different web pages, search engine ads, video ads on YouTube etc. We’ll tell you more about different campaign types in one of our next texts.

How to start with Google Ads?
The first step while creating Google Ads campaign is to think about advertising goals. Advertising goals can be totally different from business to business, and they depends on advertiser preferences and a type of product or service they want to advertise – it may be brand awareness, increase of online sale, increase of phone calls etc.

Except defining goals, very important is to define right audience. When you are advertiser, you should think about the next questions:

  • Who are users of my products or services?
  • Are my users older or younger people?
  • Are they males or females?
  • Sport lovers, cooking lovers, painters?

Defining audience is a thing that depends on a service or product you have, and must be done individually for a certain business.

After defining an audience and goals it is important to select a budget for advertising. In Google ads, you select budget on a day level.

At the end, we’ll mention few of the Google Ads advertising advantages:
– Connect your business with the right audience at the right time and place (using keywords or targeting methods based on things such as age, location, gender etc.);

  • You control your spendings – decide how much do you want to spend per month for each campaign, or even ad group or ad;
  • Data – You’ll get all your insights you can use for improving your campaign performance and business.

Different campaign types use different ad types. More about ad types you can learn from our next blog text.

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