Alan Novak

Alan Novak

The new normal is digital, and the only constant is change

When we look back a year, it is clear to all of us that there have been radical changes in the world, not only in the way we behave around each other, go to the store or hang out with our loved ones but also in the business field.

With the arrival of the pandemic, the closure of physical stores, and everything that is not necessary for survival, many faced new, unknown challenges. One of them was how to survive in a market that no longer exists, at least not the tangible one.

The answer to this question lies in the digital world, which has taken on almost all the trade in goods and services more successfully than ever before. Those who kept their business in the digital sphere before the pandemic may not have experienced this transition period as intensely and with so many questionnaires over their heads compared to those who remained faithful to traditional business, direct customer contact, and offline marketing activities but they also had to adjust their activities.

This is especially true for small producers, family businesses, family farms, and various other small businesses, who suddenly had to decide – either to invest in the development of a website or webstore, ads on social networks, and other services in the field of digital marketing or simply close everything, wait for help from the state and hope for better days.

But even some who chose option number 1, invested money and time, did not achieve the results they expected, and almost all the money invested went to waste. What is the reason for that?

In fact, the answer is simple – for many, it was their first contact with the digital world, certain tools, programs, or technologies, and trial and error methods can be expensive in the digital world. Every click and every view costs money, but if the right eyes don’t see ads, how do you expect them to help?

There are, of course, those who have decided to delegate this job to one of the external associates, colleagues who know something more about those things, or “a neighbor’s kid who knows his way around the Internet.” However, some have decided to start working with one of the specialized agencies for digital marketing, e-commerce, or website development.

If there are already specialized agencies that know what they are doing, why are there still companies and entrepreneurs who engage in advertising on digital channels on their own? The reason for this lies in the assumption that working with the agency will cost them more, and now is the time to save. And while there is some truth in this, because often the agency has to cover its own costs (people, time and other resources), it is important to say that in such cases, clients will actually get a lot more than they could achieve on their own. Because, in addition to the fact that agencies have the knowledge and experience, they can also greatly help in business development and maximizing the client’s goals.

That is why when choosing an agency, it is very important to choose the one that will become your strategic partner in the long run, which will put it’s own earnings in the last place, and yours in the first. Therefore, if you are looking for an agency that could help you in the digital transformation and take your business into a new era, first of all think carefully about which door you will knock on.

Ours are already waiting for you unlocked, and it’s up to you to see what awaits you behind them.

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