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Google Advertising

Google Ads advertising makes your website more visible and more accessible to potential customers who are searching for the products and services you offer.

The most significant advantage of Google Ads is the real-time display — ads will be shown to people who are ready to take action at a certain moment, such as purchasing a product or sending an inquiry regarding your services. Depending on the goals of your advertising, Google Ads offers various types of campaigns.

Before creating them, we will determine the strategy and goals together, and make the best choice for your business and your goals.

The greatest advantage of Google Ads lies in result measurability, allowing you to know how every penny of your advertising budget is spent at any given time.

As part of the Google Partners program, we offer a voucher of up to €350 for new advertisers!

    Where are Google Ads displayed?

    A magnifying glass and Google Search results in Google Ads.

    At the top of Google search results

    If you want to ensure that your ads are visible when users search for your company, products, or services you offer, then a search campaign is the perfect choice for you. Your ads will be positioned above organic search results. A higher position ensures a greater chance that users will click on your ad and visit your website.

    The outcome of display ads and an example of how Google Display banners appear on websites in Google Ads.

    As banners (image ads) on websites

    Banner ads or image ads are displayed on websites visited by your potential clients, such as news portals, YouTube, Gmail accounts, or mobile applications. When creating campaigns, it is important to determine how to target users — which includes keywords, interests, topics, and more. This ensures greater efficiency and more success in advertising.

    An example of an ad on YouTube and the appearance of video ads in Google Ads.

    On YouTube as video ads

    If you have compelling video content that you want to showcase to potential customers, a video campaign is an excellent choice. Your ads will be displayed across the YouTube network. Users will be targeted based on precisely defined characteristics to ensure that your ads are shown only to the most relevant audience. This increases the likelihood that your ads will successfully capture user attention and achieve your marketing goals.

    An example of ads in applications as a result of Google Ads.

    As apps for download

    A Google App Campaign is the ideal choice for promoting your mobile application and increasing the number of downloads. By targeting relevant users, this campaign allows you to determine where (Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, and other placements) and to whom your ads will be displayed. Take advantage of a Google App Campaign to ensure the success of your mobile app. Reach the right audience and increase the number of app downloads.

    Track, measure, and implement analyzed data for successful Google Ads campaigns!

    Google Analytics logo.

    Google Analytics

    Do you want to learn more about your website visitors? Where do they come from, what kind of device do they use when browsing your website, and how long do they stay on it? By properly setting up Google Analytics on your website, you can get answers to these questions and many similar ones. We can help you filter the data and create a personalized report so you can easily understand your visitors and focus on the most important information.

    Google Tag Manager logo.

    Google Tag Manager

    We set up Google Analytics on your website using Google Tag Manager, providing you with measurable data on website visits and conversions — such as webshop purchases, contact form submissions, phone number clicks, email addresses, and more. These insights can help you tailor your products and services and increase your profits.

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    A laptop displaying the Bim Sport website with a sales growth chart used for Google Ads case study.

    Increase sales with Google Ads – Bim Sport case study

    In this detailed Case Study, we explore effective strategies and campaign optimizations that lead to exceptional business results.

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    The waiting room of the Lumed dental office, with white walls, beautiful interior, and glass doors, a client that use Google Ads.

    Lumed – case study

    “Google Ads have proven to be an ideal channel for expanding the base and attracting new patients.”

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    Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Google Ads

    Adssential is an official Google Partner — what does that really mean?

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    Being an official Google Partner means that Adssential has met the requirements set by Google.  This includes our expertise (by getting Google Ads certification), the spend in our clients’ Google Ads accounts, and the performance of their campaigns. The program provides us with the opportunity for additional education and insights into the Google Ads advertising programs and trends, as well as easier access to customer support, which ultimately benefits our clients. Additionally, we can offer a voucher for advertising to all new advertisers, redeemable after the initial 60 days of advertising and up to a maximum of €350, corresponding to the budget spent during the 60-day period.

    How to start advertising on the Google Ads platform?

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    Please contact us using your preferred method — contact form, email, chat, or phone. We approach each client and project individually, which includes market research and target audience selection, as well as a deep understanding of your products or services and their application. After we define the key features of your advertising and determine the target audience together, we conduct research on the keywords that, in combination with well-structured campaigns, yield the best results.

    What types of Google Ads campaigns are there?

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    There is a search campaign, display campaign, shopping campaign, video campaign (YouTube), mobile apps campaign, Performance Max campaign, and smart campaigns.

    How to select ad types for Google Ads campaigns?

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    Choosing the type of ad and campaign depends on your advertising goals. Based on the ideas and goals you have, we will provide a recommendation for the type of campaign and ad we believe will achieve your advertising goals.

    How to choose keywords for Google Ads campaign?

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    The keywords for Google Ads campaigns depend on the products and services you want to advertise. Before starting, we always conduct keyword research to gain insight into the search volume and the expected cost per click. It is important to include relevant keywords. Add negative keywords as well, to prevent your ads from appearing in irrelevant searches. One of the tools that help with this process is the Google Keyword Planner. With your ideas and preferences, and our expertise, we provide recommendations on the type of campaigns and ads that will fulfill your advertising goals.

    Can I get to the first position in Google Search with advertising?

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    Of course, you can. Paid ads are located at the top of the search results, above organic results. The first position in Google search depends on the quality of the campaign, the quality of the website, the amount of money you are willing to invest in advertising, and many other factors — with constant optimization and work on campaigns being the most important.

    How to optimize campaigns and what does campaign optimization exactly mean?

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    Campaign optimization involves daily monitoring and implementing changes and adjustments to campaigns in order to achieve better results. You can selectively optimize by gathering data, which may include A/B testing for ads and ad extensions, adding negative keywords based on user search queries, testing different bidding strategies, adding new keywords, and more.

    How to track the success of Google Ads campaigns?

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    You can track the success of Google Ads campaigns using the data available in Google Ads and Google Analytics. We consider Google Analytics a tool that is mandatory for measuring the success of Google Ads campaigns. But, it’s also mandatory to measure the traffic that has come to your website through other channels. By integrating these two systems and using Tag Manager, important data can be gathered to improve campaigns and their effectiveness. To make it easier to navigate through all this data, we will prepare a personalized report. The report will include only the most important information.

    How important is the appearance of a website for advertising?

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    The website plays a significant role in advertising. It is where visitors purchase products or services, while Google Ads is the channel that brings them in. Before we being advertising campaigns, we review your website and suggest any changes and adjustments that can increase the success of your campaigns. You can make these changes yourself or we can take care of that part for you as well.

    How much does Google Advertising cost?

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    The cost of Google advertising depends on the size and complexity of the campaign. It consists of two parts: the cost of our services (creation and optimization), and the budget you are willing to allocate for advertising. Contact us with your advertising needs and we will clearly define the price before starting the collaboration.